Transcript Guys just this past week I was in an appointment, where in discussions with potential clients, I mentioned to them how prior to being in real estate, my background was in pharmaceuticals research and had nothing to do with sales. To this they asked me, how will I sell their home? You see, to … Continue reading Connection

Closing Costs

Transcript Hi there everyone, as buyers, you most likely are aware of the fact that you need to account for a down payment, that includes the deposit which accompanies your offer. In addition to the down payment, there are few other expenses that we refer to as closing costs, and you need to bear those … Continue reading Closing Costs

Multiple Offers

Transcript Hey guys, in a market where there are not many homes for sale and we are often faced with multiple offer situations, how do you position your offer to be the winning one? The first thing I tell all my clients prior to preparing an offer is, that we get a confirmation from their … Continue reading Multiple Offers

Jalaj’s Market Update for November

  Transcription Hi there folks, as we draw close to end of 2019, we are clearly seeing the prices pull away from the numbers we had seen in 2018 and 2017. This is more apparent when you look at month over month comparison, where you are going to see gain of 6% for the month of October compared to last year. At the … Continue reading Jalaj’s Market Update for November

Selling a Home Privately – What You Need To Know

Transcript Hey guys, today let me give you my thoughts on selling a home privately or through brokerages, that merely post a listing on MLS. Yes, all agents and brokerages have access to MLS, and can post listings up there, but that’s where the similarity ends. Unlike mere posting brokerages, full-service agents and brokerages will … Continue reading Selling a Home Privately – What You Need To Know

Jalaj’s Market Update for October

  Transcription Hey guys, we have the latest Milton real estate market update ready for you. In the month of September, we saw fewer new listings and more sales. The number of new listings were down by 19% and the number of sales went up by 23%. As a result of this, we continue to see limited supply of homes for sale on the … Continue reading Jalaj’s Market Update for October