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Revisits before closing

Transcript: It’s an exciting time when you’re about to close on the purchase of your new home. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, I advise my clients to schedule a couple of revisits to the property before the closing date. There are a few reasons why this is important. Firstly, it gives you the chance … Continue reading Revisits before closing

Inflation is up

Transcript: We are bracing for another interest rate hike, but is that really going to help in the long run?

Importance of status certificate for condos

Transcript: Status certificate is an important document for condominium properties as it provides valuable information about the unit and the condominium corporation to prospective buyers and current owners. This document outlines the details about parking space(s) and locker(s), which is important to have as in some instances these might not be registered on title and … Continue reading Importance of status certificate for condos

Successful and smooth closing

Transcript: From the time you purchase a home until the closing date, it is important to avoid certain actions to ensure a smooth and successful home buying process. Watch this short clip for more details.

First-time home buyer challenges

Transcript: Are you a first-time homebuyer? If you are, I’m sure you find yourself having to jump through several hoops to make homeownership a reality, like satisfying higher mortgage qualification criteria, coming up with downpayment, contending with increasing home prices, and competing with multiple offers. However, there are a few incentives that you can take … Continue reading First-time home buyer challenges

Home prices

Transcript: In the past 12 months, we have seen two ends of the spectrum, lower interest rates/higher home prices and higher interest rates/lower home prices. Where would you rather be?