Guys just this past week I was in an appointment, where in discussions with potential clients, I mentioned to them how prior to being in real estate, my background was in pharmaceuticals research and had nothing to do with sales. To this they asked me, how will I sell their home? You see, to me this business is more than just sales. There is a huge human component that gets overshadowed, by the pomp and show of sales numbers. My more than 12 years track record in this business, speaks to my sales abilities, but more so, whenever a family decides to work with me, to buy or sell a home in Milton and surrounding areas, I know we have had a human connection. I always put myself in my clients shoes and give it all I have got, as I would for my own family. As is the case with any other aspect in life, honest and open communication, have been the key in building my business and also in helping me grow as an individual. I thank each and every one of you for being a part of my life. You guys take care!