How to Get a Great Deal on Your Dream Home Right Now

December is a cold season for housing sales as well as weather. If a home is on the market in December, chances of it selling for full price are lower during the spring and summer months. However, if you are willing to do it, you could get an amazing deal on your dream home. Are you wondering why? And, where you get these deals? Read on to out!

December Is A Good time for Housing Deals – Here’s Why

There are a few reasons why December is a great month for buyers and sellers. First, sellers know that if their home is still on the market in December their chances of selling are lower than during the spring months.

According to data from the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), January is not a strong month for activity around housing sales, so homeowners know their chances of selling won’t improve over the next few weeks. In particular, the CREA’s quarterly forecast predicts that this winter might be slower for sales than years passed.

While this sounds challenging, it’s actually great news for buyers! Although there will be fewer homes on the market, those homeowners who are selling will be eager to sell. Many sellers need to move quickly, whether for work or because they’ve already purchased their new home and can’t carry two mortgages for long. This adds pressure on the seller, which can work to your advantage as a buyer.

The winter housing market has some advantages for sellers too. Limited inventory on the market means fewer sellers competing against each other. This can result in more attention for your listing.

How to Find Winter Housing Deals

The great thing about winter deals is that you don’t need any special connections to make it happen. Anyone looking to buy can find an amazing deal in our featured listings or our regular Milton listings.

All you need is an experienced REALTOR® who can condense the long process of buying a home, so you can get your offer in quickly. If you want our help selling your home or crafting an offer that takes advantage of the current time of the year, just reach out to us. We’re free to chat about your goals, even during this busy holiday season.