How To Navigate Through The Current Market


How to navigate through current market

Hi guys for the past few months, real estate market not only in Milton, but everywhere else has been undoubtedly a sellers market and very fast paced. If you’re a buyer in this current market, here are a few tips that might be helpful. Pre-approval of a mortgage is highly important in any kind of a market, but more so in the present times. This gives you an idea as to how much you can spend at the top limit for the purchase of your home. In addition to this, I would recommend you having a conversation with your mortgage broker about the possibility of going in with an offer without a financing condition. Given the current nature of this market where every home is selling in multiple offers, most likely the offer that you get accepted for the home you want to buy, is going to be a firm offer without any conditions. I know this can be unnerving for a lot of us, but it’s necessary that we cover all our bases to ensure the success of you securing the home of your dreams. You all take care and we’ll talk soon.