Is there a right time to downsize?


Hey folks, I know it’s hard to think of leaving your home where you’ve lived a lifetime and move into a smaller home, a condo or even assisted living. But when is a good time to think of starting to downsize? Having worked with several senior clients, I would say the time to make the move is when you’re still able to do things on your own and are not limited by any health or physical constraints. You don’t want to come to a point where organizing the sale of your home, packing and moving are going to feel like an unsurmountable chore. Yes, the family is there always to lean on, but there are times when kids move far away for work and they are not able to be much of assistance. You should also consider having a lawyer draft up a will and power of attorneys, both for personal care and real estate. Feel free to call or message me any of your questions. You take care.