Jalaj’s Market Snapshot for 2019


Hi there guys, let me try and recap for you the Milton Real Estate market for 2019. The one thing that stood out most for last year was the increase in prices. When you look at this graph, you are going to see we ended the year higher by 5% from the previous year. Now more interestingly, we had the prices go up by 1% from the record levels set back in 2017. There were two main contributing factors to this increase in prices. One was the lack of inventory, and as you can see, the number of homes that got listed for sale throughout the whole of 2019 were down by 6% from 2018. At the same time the demand from potential buyers remained high, and this can be evidenced in the number of sales increase by 18% from 2018. For 2020 we feel, there will be not much increase in the interest rates and the demand from potential buyers will remain high, which in turn will raise the prices even further. Feel free to call or message me, with any of your questions. Thank you!