Jalaj’s Market Update for April 2018

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What does the data tell us about home values and the number of home sales?

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Video Transcription

Hey there everyone, let me ask you your perspective on the current Real Estate Market in Milton, what do you think?

What we are seeing out there, is the homes are being priced all over the map. We are seeing homes that are priced extremely high using the numbers from last year, and those homes are sitting on the market. Then we see homes that are being priced fairly, and in line with the current market. Those homes are selling fast and at list price or above list price. As long as the agents and general public can keep in mind that last year was an exception to the rule, and price the homes with the current market in mind, we will be ahead of the game. Having said that, we have seen a steady growth in the market in Milton, for the first quarter of this year. We have seen that the number of sales, consistently doubled. For February the number of sales were higher by about 52% over the month of January. For March, we saw another 45% increase in the number of sales over the month of February.

As for the average sale price, that has also grown. We have seen about 6% growth in the average sale price from the start of this year. So like I said before, if we can price the homes based on the current market, we are going to be ahead of the game.

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