Jalaj’s Market update for April 2021



Hi there everyone, yes, the numbers for April came in higher than last year but it won’t be absolutely fair to compare to times when the world was just starting to deal with this pandemic and everything had come to a pause. To recap, number of listings were up 3 times and number of sales 3.5 times from April, 2020. At the same time, prices increased 1.4 times, or in other words, 44%. Looking at first three months of 2021, all the numbers increased sharply, listings, sales & prices. However, in the last one month, we have seen a bit of a pullback, the listings were down by 9% and the number of sales by 20%. Prices, though continue to inch up higher by 2% from a month ago. To put things in perspective, we have to bear in mind the pool of buyers that had pulled out of the market last year is slowly dwindling. As well, the inventory levels over the past two months is slowly building up. I think the days of steep price increases are behind us but don’t get me wrong, we will still continue to see multiple offers here and there and the prices will continue to increase modestly. You take care.