Jalaj’s Market Update for April

Video Transcription

Hey guys, we have the Milton real estate market update ready for you. As you look at this graph, what you are going to see is the number of new listings that came up on the market were down by about 6% over last year. The number of sales, they went up slightly by about 2%. Looking at the average sale price, there we saw a modest increase of 3% over last year. So far this year we have seen balanced market conditions, and that is born out again for the month of March with the sold to new listing ratio of 55%. What does this all mean? Well with total of 286 active listings, we have about 1.5 months of inventory on the market at the present time, which is not much. Now this is mainly because of lack of new listings and more sales. With the spring market already in play, we feel that we are going to see a little bit lesser pressure, as more listings come up on the market. As always feel free to give us a call or message us with any other questions. Thanks so much!