Jalaj’s Market Update for December 2019



And just like that we are at the end of 2019, and we are here with our final update for Milton Real Estate for this year. What a stark difference in prices from 2018!! When you look at month over month comparison, you are going to see a gain of 13% from last year. Shifting our focus to year-to-date numbers, we see a gain of 5% from last year and 3% from 2017. The main driving force behind this increase in prices has been the lack of inventory, and for the month of November that number dropped by 22%. While the inventory levels remain low, the demand from potential buyers remains high, and for the month of November, we saw a gain of 29% in the number of sales. With total of 137 active listings, we have less than one months of inventory on the market. With a ratio of 101% for sold to new listings, we are definitely sitting in sellers market. If this trend keeps up, we are headed in for some interesting times. Feel free to give me a call or message me with any of your questions. Thank you!