Jalaj’s Market Update for January 2021


Hello everyone, we are two months into 2021 and the real estate market in Milton and everywhere else is full steam ahead with prices going up like we’ve not seen before. This past month, we had 53% more new listings come up on the market compared to last year January. At the same time, the number of sales outpaced the numbers we had seen in January of 2020 by 49%. Even though we had more new listings, the fact that there were more sales, we ended the month with 93 total active listings, leaving us with less than one month’s inventory and 70% sold to new listing ratio. Bottom line, prices are up by 26% from last year January and 4% from just a month ago in December, bringing the average sale price of a home in Milton to just over a million. These prices are going to continue to increase unless the supply of available listings, surpasses or at least matches the demand levels. You all take care and we will talk soon.