Jalaj’s market update for June 2021


Hi there, we are halfway through the year and prices of homes selling in Milton are 29% higher year-to-date compared to what we had seen in 2020. In month-over-month comparison, we saw the prices increased by 24% from last year June. But, when we look at the last three months, we are no longer seeing that exponential increase in prices as we had seen in the earlier part of the year. In fact, prices slipped by 3% from a month ago. Other couple of indicators to keep an eye on are the number of new listings and sales, both of which have been coming down since March. As I see it, constraints of available new listings is going to put the prices on an upwards trajectory once again. We have already seen in the first few weeks of July homes selling in multiple offers and over list price. You take care and talk soon.