Jalaj’s Market Update for November 2018

New listings for October 2018 have slightly decreased since October 2017.

Watch below to learn more:


Video Transcription

Hey guys, we are a bit late in bringing these numbers to you, but here it is, market update for October for Milton.

In the month of October, we saw fewer number of listings coming on the market, down by about 7% compared to last year October. Number of sales, they were higher by about 13%. Looking at the average sale price, the average sale price was on par with last year numbers, in fact higher by about 1%, giving us an average sale price of $733,000. Couple of other pieces of data that we want to keep an eye on, is the total number of active listings, and for October we had 340 active listings, giving us almost two months supply on the market. Ratio of sold to new listings, give us an indication of how the market is fairing, and in October that ratio was 58% giving us balanced market conditions.

Going forward, we feel that for the months of November and December, we are going to see pretty much of the same, in fact buyers are going to have an opportunity to find some good homes at decent prices. Give us a call with any of your questions. You take care!!