Jalaj’s Market Update for October



Hey guys, we have the latest Milton real estate market update ready for you. In the month of September, we saw fewer new listings and more sales. The number of new listings were down by 19% and the number of sales went up by 23%. As a result of this, we continue to see limited supply of homes for sale on the market. We ended the month of September with 1.3 months of inventory, and along with that we have seen sold to new listing ratio still placing us in sellers market conditions with the ratio of 68% for month of September. With these market conditions out there we have seen the average sale price 3% higher than the numbers we had seen in September of 2018, and the Year-to-date numbers are 5% higher. I feel we will end the year higher in prices not only from the numbers we had seen in 2018, but also the record price that we had seen in 2017. Feel free to give us a call or message us with any of your questions. Thanks so much!