Jalaj’s Market Update for September 2020


Hi there folks, with change over to Fall, how is Milton’s real estate market doing? Well let’s see, with suppressed activity in the months of April and May, everything got pushed back by couple of months. Typical surge of listings that happens in early spring, got pushed back by couple of months into June, and we are still seeing quite a few homes getting listed for sale. For the month of September, we saw 30% more new listings come up on the market compared to September of 2019. Same thing can be seen with the number of sales, they picked up steam in June and the trend still continues, with September reporting 67% more sales compared to same time last year. With total of 175 active listings and close to half a month’s of inventory, which by the way is the lowest levels we’ve seen in a long time, there is an upwards pressure on prices. Most of the homes are still selling in multiple offers, and that has driven prices to new levels. We had the average sale price for the month of September come in 23% higher from September of 2019. Year to date average sale price came in 13% higher from 2019, and there are no signs of it slowing down, and this is going to make for a brisk Fall market. You all take care and we’ll talk soon.