Lifetime Achievement Award

Looking back, I have a lot to be grateful for.

God’s blessings have always been a source of guidance for our family, and we pray for that to continue.

I embarked on this journey knowing I had the faith, support and understanding of my wife, our Mom, and our 2 boys. You have always been my strength and always will be. I am forever thankful to you for continuing to believe in me.

Along this journey, I have amassed the love of my extended family, my clients. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for laying your trust in me, time and time again. I will continue to strive to give everything in me to look out for your best interests.

My lifelong friend, Faisal, thank you brother for giving me confidence and guiding me in the early years and even now.

Over these years, I have built several strong bonds, with my broker owners, broker managers and several colleagues (not only from my own but also other brokerages). I have learned something from each one of you, for which I am grateful.


Thank you and I love you all!