Looking Over the Last Decade


Hi, there everyone, have you ever wondered how real estate prices in Milton have evolved over the past decade? Starting with detached homes, prices have gone up by 106% since 2011. Semi-detached homes have increased in price by 115%, and so have freehold townhomes. Condo townhouses have risen by 127%, and condo apartments by 89%. Looking at the overall picture, prices of all type of homes in Milton have doubled since 2011. Over these 10 years prices dipped once in 2018, and that was right after the introduction of foreign buyers tax and tightening of mortgage qualification criteria in 2017. My whole reason for doing this analysis is to show you as a buyer, that if you are pre-approved and qualified, then there is nothing like waiting for the right time to buy, now is the right time. As you’ve seen for yourself, prices tend to trend upwards, so waiting to buy in hopes for market to correct itself, might end up pushing you out of the market. You take care and we will talk soon.