Multiple Offers


Hey guys, in a market where there are not many homes for sale and we are often faced with multiple offer situations, how do you position your offer to be the winning one? The first thing I tell all my clients prior to preparing an offer is, that we get a confirmation from their mortgage broker, that if needed and time comes, we are able to submit the offer without including the financing condition. Most often we are able to get a definite answer back before submitting the offer. Now, the other condition that is typically included, is condition of inspection. For newer homes that are most likely under builders warranty, this condition is a mute point. However, for older homes, I suggest that we conduct the inspection prior to preparing the offer, that way we know where we stand and we can go in without this condition. You see it’s all about putting your best foot forward, both in terms of price and conditions. You can call or message me any of your questions. Thanks so much.