On the other side


Hi there everyone, over the past year home prices have seen a big surge and this can be attributed to three major factors. Government’s cash handouts in efforts to keep the economy afloat, led to a rise in disposable household income. Record setting low interest rates meant buyers could buy higher priced homes at lower borrowing costs. Working from home made people buy homes away from the cities in towns where they could get more living and yard space at comparatively lower prices. Moving forward, as the lockdowns end & economy picks up, we need to remember, the disposable household income is going to shrink, interest rates are going to rise, and most of the workplaces are going to require employees to come back to work from offices. This is just a reminder for all of us to start focusing on reducing the expenses and increasing our savings, because it is when the economy kicks into high gear, that is when we will feel the full after effects of this pandemic. You all take care.