One of the Most Powerful Tools in Selling Your Home – A Professional Photographer

Real Estate Photographer

You’re selling your family home this summer and the real estate market is hot.

Your house needs to capture buyers with a strong first impression, and that first impression increasingly comes from an online listing.

If you take a few casual photos with your phone and submit those with your online listing, buyers struggle to see beyond the quality of the photos themselves. They don’t really see your house for the beautiful family home it is.

A professional real estate photographer takes the beauty your home exudes in person and translates that to a convenient format with the power to bring even more motivated buyers to your open house. They give your house the treatment is deserves.

How do they do it?

They have the gear

Almost every potential home buyer starts their home search in front of their computer.

From the moment your REALTOR® lists your home, it appears on the web for all home buyers to view.

Photo equipment

Professional photographers bring high quality cameras with sharp wide angle lenses warm lighting equipment. The result is an accurate representation of your house on its best day.

The rooms look bright and large, and whoever looks at the picture gets a sense of the flow of the home before ever setting foot inside.

They know the value of curb appeal

The outside appearance of a home is a top priority among home buyers.

First impressions stick, and the exterior is always the first thing family and friends see when they arrive to see a new home.

Your real estate photographer will pick up the best aspects of your home’s exterior and highlight them in every photo.

Does your home have beautiful landscape lighting? Unique landscaping or intricate exterior details? Your real estate photographer knows how to emphasize those better than you (no offense, it’s their job after all!).

They tell your home’s story

You can recognize a good photo as well as anybody. Taking them is another story.

When you compare the pictures you might take with your camera to the pictures a pro takes, the difference is obvious.

A pro knows the right angles to shoot from and the best time of day to shoot. Your photographer tells a story through the pictures, and many home buyers decide to buy a home just by looking at the pictures, even though they still visit and inspect the home.

They get the results

According to research from RedPin, an American real estate company, home listings shot by professional real estate photographers receive 61% more online views.

Money house

A home with a high definition virtual tour gets even more online views, and more home viewings (as long as the pictures are genuinely high quality).

Listings with professional photos have a higher perceived value and sell for more money, too.

And they’re more likely to sell fast – about 17% more likely to sell faster than competing listings.

In this hot real estate market, you need every advantage you can get.

That includes your real estate photographer, and a local real estate agent with knowledge of the market you’re selling in.

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