Hi there folks, renovating and updating your home is an inevitable part of homeownership, and this has been more evident in the last year and a half than ever. Like any other profession, there are several contractors in this industry, and for the most part, majority of them are great to work with. Having said that, documenting all the details in a written contract before embarking on any project is highly necessary. This contract should include things like payout structure, project timelines, expenses including those of material, labor, disposal, and things of that nature. Things that are to be paid in addition to those documented in the contract, should be highlighted upfront and they could include expenses like paying for tiles, flooring, hardware, fixtures, and more. With several clients having gone through renovations, including myself, a thorough due diligence of the contract before the onset of any project by both the contractor and the client is absolutely a must, and this should avoid for any unforeseen circumstances or situations down the road. You take care and talk soon.