Selling a Home Privately – What You Need To Know


Hey guys, today let me give you my thoughts on selling a home privately or through brokerages, that merely post a listing on MLS. Yes, all agents and brokerages have access to MLS, and can post listings up there, but that’s where the similarity ends. Unlike mere posting brokerages, full-service agents and brokerages will be with you every single step of the selling process – from establishing the list price, deciding when to go on the market, prepping the home for photos and showings, arranging all showings, answering any and all questions of buyers, and more importantly, handling and negotiating of offers. As agents, we have years of experience and knowledge, and are well equipped, not only to negotiate, but also to ensure the offer that you as a seller are going to accept, has the right clauses and conditions. It’s all in the way things are worded. Let me end by saying to you that selling a home is a big decision, so hire the right agent and brokerage, who will be with you, all the way through. You guys take care and talk soon.