When Buying A Home

Hi there everyone, as homeowners, we are all aware of the need and benefits of carrying home insurance. But in my interactions with several clients, I’ve come to realize that not many are aware of Title Insurance. Title insurance is completely separate from home insurance in that it protects you, as registered homeowner against frauds or losses for as long as you own that property. Examples would include title fraud, mortgage fraud, liens registered against title of the property, issues with the survey, or any encroachment issues for example the fencing encroaching neighbor’s property. In addition, Title insurance carries with it something called Gap Coverage, which is highly relevant nowadays given the COVID19 pandemic. In the event due to the Pandemic, the Land Registry offices were to close down temporarily, having title insurance, your lawyers would be able to still transfer possession on the agreed upon closing date, granted all the funds have been received, and upon opening of the Land Registry offices, the tile can be registered. You can purchase title insurance anytime through any of the title insurance providers, your mortgage broker or the easiest way would be through your lawyer. Feel free to call or message me, any of your questions.