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Whether you’re looking to keep in shape, or explore your new city, there are tons of parks in Milton for you to enjoy.

Parks & Trails

One of the many great things about Milton is its dedication to nature conservation while still encouraging visitors to enjoy and appreciate the outdoors.

Because of this, there is an abundance of hiking and biking trails sprawling throughout Milton, connecting you to town facilities, schools, and transit centres.

Like the rest of Canada, there is a large emphasis on nature.

In Milton, there are sweeping views of the escarpment, towering trees, and big open skies to inspire you to love the outdoors.

There are nature parks and trails throughout the city for you to explore, and Milton is in close proximity to world-famous places like Niagara Falls and Ontario’s many lakes as well.

Learn more about Milton’s parks and trails here.

Milton Recreation

Trees & Woodlots

Woodlots are important natural areas within Milton recreation and green spaces because they allow native plants and animals to thrive.

These areas have been preserved to not only provide an enjoyable outdoor experience, but they also perform important functions in maintaining the health of the environment.

In Milton, there is an abundance of trees lining the streets. The Town of Milton plants new trees for the health and well-being of our environment.

With a large number of trees, Milton residents enjoy:

  • Cleaner air
  • Cooler building temperatures
  • Beautiful neighbourhoods


Why Parks & Milton Recreation Is Important

Living in an environment that is centered heavily around community and the outdoors is essential to growing a strong and tightly knit neighbourhood – and that is exactly what Milton is.

It’s important to have a space with shops and hospitals conveniently nearby, but it’s also beneficial to have Milton recreation and outdoor activities for children to play and enjoy.

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